How To Share Screen On Skype for Windows Users

Skype is a very popular telecommunications application software that allows users to communicate via video call and voice calls over the internet. By using skype, you can easily share things with the people you are apart.

Skype is basically known for video/voice calls, but it also provides the facility of sending and receiving instant messages, videos, exchange important files, images and also screen sharing.

Screen sharing is one of the best features of Skype, that allows users to share the live screen of the computer or any devices you are connected through. Once you are on a call to a friend via skype, he/she can easily see your computer screen, pictures, and everything you do on the system. In short screen sharing on  skype is the best way to communicate discuss and  solve your problem.

How To Share Screen On Skype

Now the question arises how to share screen on skype! Right? So, let me tell you, Today I am going to let you know how to screen share on skype with the step by step procedure. let’s move to the guide.

How To Share Screen On Skype

Step 1: First of all open skype, enter your credentials and click on Login.

Step 2: Now once you are logged in, select the contact, you want to share the screen with. Remember you can’t share the screen until the person is in the call with you.

Step 3: Now start a voice or video call with that person. Like we normally do. (I’m assuming you know how to place a video or voice call since you are here to know how to share screen on skype)

Step 4: Once the call has been picked up, you will see a plus(+) sign on the screen. Click on that +. You will see a handful of options popping up, one of them is Share screens. Click on it. See the screenshot to understand better.

The Share screens option selected from the list that appears after clicking the plus button during a call

Step 5: In the new window, click on the ‘Start’ button in the bottom of the window. Once you do that, your screen would be shared with the person who is online.


Step 6: If you have more than one monitors attached on your screen, and you want to share only one of the screens, then there is an option for that too. Simply click on Share your screen button and select whether you want your screen (entire screen) or only one window.

skype screen

Step 7: Once you are done, just click on the Stop Sharing button on the tiny floating call window, on the top of the screen. and your screen would disappear to the person on call.

How to share screen in Skype

That’s it. This is as simple as you could not even have thought of. It might sound difficult to share screen on the skype but when you know the method, it’s just a matter of two clicks. The method I’ve shown you is for windows 7 and windows XP. And if you want to share your screen using skype on windows 8, don’t worry. The method is exactly same for that too!

Now you can share your screen with friends anytime, and can discuss problems with your friends who are far away, which could not have been otherwise. I hope you like the guide if so don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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