How To Block Calls On Android

If someone is annoying you by calling nonstop or irritating you over phone, what do you do in such situation??? Block them right?? Yes, blocking is the ultimate solution to get rid of such people. But, unfortunately not every user have the idea on how to block someone on Android. Read the guide, and I’ll tell you the different methods on how can you block someone on android.

How To Block Calls On Android


Though, blocking is not the only solution but sometimes, we have to be stiff and have to take steps like blocking. All thanks to the inbuilt blocking feature of android that we don’t have to tolerate unwanted people anymore. We can block such people with just a few clicks.

Let’s see what the procedure to block someone on android.

How To Block Calls On Android:

There are a number of ways to block people on android. We can block a specific person or we can just enable the blocking mode, allowing no person to call you or blocking everyone except a few. I’ll write about each and every step in detail, in three different section.

Step 1. You can directly block a number from call log itself. Tap over the phone icon on your android home screen. Navigate through the number you want to block. tap on that number in the log to open its details.

Step 2. Once you are on the details page, tap the menu button, (On my phone it is the left button. But it can be three dots on the top of the screen on your phone. It may vary as per the version of the android and your phone model). A list of options will pop-up.

How To Block Calls On Android


Step 3. In the list of options provided, tap on the last option that is Add to reject list. Confirm the procedure and the number would be blocked.

How To Block Calls On Android


Step 4. This way you can block a specific person. But, if you want to enable the blocking mode, means if you want no one to call you, you can do that by enabling the blocking mode. In this mode, you can allow none to call you, or you can allow some people to call you. Depending upon your choice, you can create a custom list if you want. For this, Go to Settings, scroll down and tap over Blocking mode. Now, enable the blocking mode by sliding the little button over the top of the screen. This way no one would be able to call you.

on blocking mode


Step 5. But if you want to allow SOME people to call you even after the blocking mode is enabled, you can do so by creating the custom list of people. Scroll all the way down to the option Allowed contacts. Tap over Custom and add here the people of your choice whom you would like to allow to call you.

Allowed contacts


Step 6. Or the third way to block someone is by creating an Auto reject list of numbers. You can do that by tapping the phone icon on your android home screen. To do so, click on the menu button and go to Call Settings.

Auto reject list


Step 7. Now tap on the Call rejection and then go to auto reject list.

Step 8. Here, you need to create the list of people to be rejected. Just tap on The Plus sign.(See the screenshot).

create the list of people


Step 9. There, directly add the number to be blocked or tap the image next to the number field and add the number from the Logs or Contacts and tap on Save. The number would be blocked.

tap on Save


That’s it! This is how we block calls on android. If your phone does not offer inbuilt blocking feature, in that case, we have to go for some third-party applications. There are a number of applications which offer blocking number features like Mr. Number-Block calls & spam, Call Control – Call Blocker, Safest Call Blocker and more. I’m not going into the working of the app, but I can assure you these apps can be a solution to your problem if you are not provided with inbuilt blocking feature.

Not only call blocking these apps also offer texts, SMS, MMS and picture messages blocking. Try these apps out and let me know how do you like them, also if you know any other different way of blocking a number on the android device, mention in the comments. And consider sharing the guide with your relatives and friends.

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